The Editors

Photo by M Negrijn

M Negrijn

M Negrijn (she/her) has been editing professionally since 2008 and has been a member of Editors Canada since 2021. With experience in a broad range of writing styles (creative fiction, academic, technical, non-fiction, memoir etc.), she is well suited to take on just about any project.

In 2021, she has so far completed a substantive edit on three books (Heart of Sophie’s War, I am From Planet Earth and The Red Rose Chronicles) as well as proofreading and copy editing five more (Anna’s Legacy, Prelude to Sophie’s War, Henry the VIII’s Motorcycle, Rogue’s Gallery and Sarah’s Choice). She has also released her fifth book, Julianne. She is currently accepting contracts for the remainder of 2021.

  • Court Transcription (Centennial College, ON) 2022
  • Technical Writer (Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON)         2017
  • Certified Heritage Interpreter (eMerit, Clarenville, NL)  2014                                               
  • Master of Arts (Memorial University, St. John’s, NL)      2011                                        
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hon) (Memorial University, St. John’s, NL)  2006

Editing (2016-present)                                                                                          


In the Wake of Sophie’s War 2022 (substantive)

In Alison’s Keeping 2022 (copy edit)

Ruins in Silk 2022 (copy edit)

Heart of Sophie’s War 2021 (substantive)

Sarah’s Choice 2021 (copy edit)

Anna’s Legacy 2021 (copy edit)

Prelude to Sophie’s War 2019/2021 (substantive/copy edit)

The Blue Pendant 2020 (copy edit)

Believing Her Lies 2020 (substantive/copy edit)

Christmas at Lavender Cottage 2018 (substantive)

When Love Ends, Romance Begins 2018 (substantive)


Fox Tail: A Tale of a Canadian Timber Frame Retreat 2023 (substantive)

Not My Kind of Mennonite 2022 (mentorship and substantive)

I am From Planet Earth 2021 (co-authored/substantive edit)

Save Some for Me 2019 (copy-edit)

The Spirit of Courage 2018 (substantive)

The Three Revolutionaries 2016 (substantive)

Short Stories:

Short Stories for a Long Year 2020 (substantive)

A Two-four of Tales 2019 (substantive)

Twenty in Eighteen 2018 (substantive)

Ottawa One Five O 2017 (substantive)


Rogue’s Gallery 2021 (proof-read)

Our World is Burning 2017 (substantive)


Henry the VIII’s Motorcycle 2021 (proof-read)


Mentor                                                                                                           1998-present

Helping new writers get started/in early stages

Director at Large                                                                              2017-2019, 2019-2020

Acting member of the board of directors of the Ottawa Independent Writers.

Photo by Warren Skomorowski

Rhea Skomorowski

Rhea Skomorowski (she/her) is the newest author working with A Good Idea Publications. Her speciality is in proof reading and her eagle eyes catch typos even in traditionally published works. She has been working exclusively with M Negrijn for five years but has recently decided to expand and joined the company. She’s looking forward to working with clients on a solo basis or in conjunction with M Negrijn.

Editing (2017-Present)

The Red Rose Chronicles 2021 (proofread)

Julianne 2021 (proofread)

Another Chance in London 2020 (proofread)

Pure Red Sand: A Family Affair 2019 (proofread)

Pure Red Sand: Uncomfortable Truths 2018 (proofread)

Pure Red Sand: An Expensive Retreat 2017 (proofread)