Mentorship Program

Writing your first novel? Facing a large project? This program is designed to help you get from your first sentences to a complete book in your hands. I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

For each mentoring session, you can send me a piece of writing (max 4000 words) and I’ll provide feedback on it. This depends on what you’re looking for but can include character development, plot advancement, whether there’s a certain feeling or tone to the section etc. The sky’s the limit! We’ll also have a conversation together (1-1.5 hour) to talk about where you’re going with the story/project, what’s happened so far and what kind of goals you have before the next session. We can talk about outlines and your hopes for the process. It’s very open-ended but only so I can tailor this service for you.

This is a great option for someone interested in writing their first book, planning a series or even working on a thesis or non-fiction piece.

We can also offer editing services and help with your next steps in publishing.

The first session is only $40 and includes a chance to get to know each other and figure out if we’d work well and if you like the kind of feedback I provide.

Cost: $80/session.
Weekly or biweekly sessions
Contracts on a monthly basis. You can cancel at the end of every month.

Contact M Negrijn at m.negrijn (at) for more details.

Clients and Reviewers of the program:

“As an emerging writer, M’s mentorship means I am not alone. Her professional support, advice and ongoing encouragement keeps me motivated and my manuscript continues to move forward. ” – John Fenik, Mayor of Perth

“You have excellent analytical skills and spot-on instincts.” – Susan Taylor-Meehan

“I have looked at some of your suggestions and that is exactly what is needed. Same with the synopsis as I have various opinions on the subject, and I need to get it right…Your suggestions are invaluable.” – D.M. Stanton